#Spondylitis Awareness Month

Image by Rich Beckermeyer Makeup by Alex Cassie

On April 11th, 2013, I walked into my first appointment with a Rheumatologist and walked out with a diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis and the beginning of a life of advocacy, both for myself and for so many suffering silently with this progressive, degenerative, extremely painful disease.

I was always a strong person, yet I am stronger now than I ever was before, but in ways I don’t want to be. I would much rather have the freedom to choose to be mediocre if it meant I could have my health.

We do not choose to be strong. We become strong when we choose to survive.

April is Spondylitis Awareness Month. Learn about Ankylosing Spondylitis by watching this video created by the Spondylitis Association of America.  Then share it.


3 thoughts on “#Spondylitis Awareness Month”

  1. You and I were dx the exact same week. Exactly 4 days later, I was also dx w anal cancer. For the previous 5+ years, every single dr had tried to give me an umbrella dx. I was also called a hypochondriac, a liar, narcotics seeker, and a soccer mom w too much time on my hands!!!! Here I sit w my second shoulder surgery and awaiting pathology for two tumors. I hate drs almost as much as I hate this damn disease.


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