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NOTE: Since March 2020, due to the high-stress of the ableism triggered by COVID-19 negligence, this page is no longer updated regularly. However, I’m still in the news and most articles can be easily found via internet search. Thank you for your understanding.

Healthcare/Disability related:

InVisible Project: Pain Paves and Unlikely Path to Becoming Whole  (2021)

Psychology Today blog: (Coronavirus/COVID-19) How to Help Your Immunocompromised Friends (March 2020)

Healthline: My Disability Taught Me That The World Is Rarely Accessible (September 2019)

The Paper Gown: Chronic Illness Can Make it Hard to Trust Your Body (September 2019)

Sacramento News & Review: Resistance and Controversy (January 2019)

Capitol Weekly: Sacramento Women’s March to go on as scheduled (January 2019)

Sacramento Bee: Hospitals are rationing saline solution. Patients are starting to worry (November 2017)

Fox 40: Local Officials Rally Against Obamacare Replacement Bill (September 2017)

KCRA 3: California resists new bill aimed at repealing Obamacare (September 2017)

Patient Worthy: ACA Changes Could Screw Over This Woman with Ankylosing Spondylitis (May 2017)

KCRA 3: Fight over health care heats up as Californians respond (May 2017)

KCRA 3: How health care repeal bill could impact California (May 2017)

CBC/Radio-Canada: ‘I really think people will die’: Americans fear losing health care under Trump’s plan (March 2017)

KPCC: Worried about losing insurance, people stockpile medications (March 2017)

CBS SF Bay Area, KPIX: Changes To Health Care Law Could Cost California Woman Her Life (March 2017)

Mother Jones: 8 People Who Owe Their Lives to Obamacare (February 2017)

*CNBC: Nightly Business Resport – minute 11:30 (February 2017) *same clip as link below (January)

CNBC: Nightly Business Report – minute 14:20 (January 2017)

CNBC: States facing uncertainty as Trump transition looms (January 2017)

NPR: Will Get A California-Style Makeover? And the same article on California HealthLine (February 2016)

Capital Public Radio: Prescription Drug Cost Caps Take Effect (January 2016)

The Mercury News: Amid debate on drug prices, California leads way on cost controls (October 2015)

PhRMA: I’m Not Average (April 2015)

Morning Consult: A report by PhARMA to Morning Consult (quoted) (April 2015)

Healthcare-now!: Health care law did not end discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions (quote) (March 2015)

The Sacramento Bee: Health sign-ups will be much clearer (December 2014)

Associated Press: Have insurers found new ways to avoid the sick?– Also published elsewhere: Yahoo news, PBS News Hour (August 2014)

KPCC: Want to search for an insurance plan by drug coverage? That might soon be possible (May 2014)

KPCC: Will my healthcare plan cover my drugs? Right now, it’s hard to tell (May 2014)

CA State Senate Health Committee: Testifying on SB 1052 (April 2014)


LA Times: Burning Man can be doable for people with disabilities (July 2019)

Sacramento Bee: 26-year-old local filmmaker to release feature-length documentary at Guild Theater (June 2019)

Insight, Capital Public Radio: Sacramento Filmmaker Examines Life With Incurable Diseases In New Doc (June 2019)

The Mighty: Let’s Call Adaptive Fashion What It Is — Fashion (September 2018)

CreakyJoints: Here’s the Powerful Way Designer Michael Kuluva Uses His Fashion Line to Advocate for Rheumatoid Arthritis (September 2018)

CreakyJoints: ‘Modeling Is My Medicine’: Why This Woman’s Ankylosing Spondylitis Diagnosis Makes Her Want to Walk the Runway (September 2018)

Business Wire: CreakyJoints Presents Tumbler and Tipsy by Michael Kuluva Spring/Summer 2019 Collection at STYLE360 NYFW (August 2018)

WEGO Health: Why Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better for Patient Influencers (July 2018)

Rising Above Rheumatoid Arthritis: Keeping it Real with Arthritis: Charis Hill (March 2018)

HealthCentral: From Star Athlete to Ankylosing Spondylitis Patient Advocate (July 2017)

KPCC: What Does Lent mean to you? (March 2017)

Healthline: 10 Questions Your Rhuematologist Wants You to Ask About Ankylosing Spondylitis (January 2017)

Patient Worthy: AS: Living with Invisible Illness, a TEDx Talk (January 2017)

Chronic Disease Coalition: Charis Hill discusses living with an invisible disease (November 2016)

Chronic Disease Coalition: Patient Advocate Spotlight: Charis Hill (November 2016)

Patient Worthy: Move Over Barbie. This is the Model Little Girls Should Idolize Bonus: Translated by a blogger in Bahasa Indonesia (August 2015). Translated into Spanish: ¡Hasta la vista de Barbie! Esta es la modelo que todas las niñas deberian idolatrar (September 2016)

Sacramento News & Review: Is riding your bike good for arthritis? (August 2014)

Modacity: Cycling and Mobility: The Great Equalizer (quoted) (August 2014)

Perspective Daily: Charis Hill, The Model Citizen (August 2014)

Meredith Magazine: Model Activist: Charis Hill, ’09 (June 2014)

Momentum Mag: Pedaling Through the Pain (May 2014)

CityLab: Is There Such a Thing as a ‘Feminine’ Way to Ride a Bike? (quoted) (April 2014)

Stop!!!! Do you really just want to know everything I’ve ever done? These next sections are for you:

Modeling videos/published images (even the small ones you have to hunt for!):

Submerge Mag featuring Sacramento Fashion Week 2018 looks (next to last model) (March 2018)

Modeling Maisha Bahati designs on Sac & Co. on ABC 10 Sacramento (minute 5:37). (April 2016)

Walking for Retrospect Vintage Fashion during Sacramento Fashion Week V.1 (minute 5:50) (February 2016)

Walking for Retrospect Vintage Fashion during Sacramento Fashion Week V. 2 (minute 1:28) (February 2016)

From Queer Fashion Week: This Autostraddle Blog post, these photos by Pink Egg Media, this video, and this video (April 2015)

A photo-blog from a photo shoot with Bryan Allo. (April 2015)

Another photo-blog by Bryan Allo (images from Sacramento Fashion Week) (February 2015)

Another photo-blog by Bryan Allo (“live mannequin” photo-shoot for Retrospect Vintage Fashion) (October 2014)

Walking for Lena Trotsko during Sacramento Fashion Week (Minute 5:00) (February 2014)

Seriously, Archives:

In a video on the day same-sex marriage was legalized in the United States of America (minute 1:10) (June 2015)

In a photo gallery on the day same-sex marriage was legalized in the USA (photo 10) (June 2015)

Featured in Urban Bike Stories by Michael Cody, available on

California by Bike Summer Report 2014 (page 3) (June 2014) Larry Walker: 1951-2010 (includes a tribute by me) (December 2010)

Meredith College: Soccer- Awards and Honors (2008-2009) The Leon Chronicles (includes a tribute by me) (July 2008) Duct-Tape Dress Debut (April 2005) Oriental’s First Turkey Trot (picture) (November 2002)

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