Blogging Ain’t Easy

If you like my content, please consider saying thank you from your pocket.

While some of my writing for other sites is paid I do not make money for writing & managing my own site aside from a few bucks per year through third-party advertising. I also do not get paid to be on the news, speak at press conferences, testify in legislative hearings, or for my work as a full-time patient.

4 Ways to Support this Blog

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*BONUS: If you’re already thinking of starting at Acorns Investment account, use THIS CODE for $5 to start you off (or to learn more). I’ll get $5 too, after you make your first investment.

Not a dinosaur
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If you would like to donate to a nonprofit organization dedicated to Ankylosing Spondylitis/Spondyloarthritis, I highly recommend supporting the Spondylitis Association of America.

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