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Spondylitis Plus magazine 

“Burning Man and My Disease” – cover story for spring 2017


Learning to Live With My New Wheelchair/Ankylosing Spondylitis and My New Wheelchair

How Potlucks Became My Social Life


Dear Fellow AS Patient

Patients Rising

The Patient Side: 14 Ways to Become a Patient Advocate

Arthritis Today Magazine

“Friends Are Not Trophies” – cover story for July-August 20162016-05-24 06.36.03.png

The Mighty

To My Future Partner, Who I Hope Won’t Leave Me Because of My Disease

Why the ‘Dehumanizing’ Process of Applying for Disability Benefits Won’t Stop Me

To the Paper-Pushers Who Denied My Social Security Benefits

To Airline Employees, From a Person Who Doesn’t Look Disabled

The Dreams I Have For My Life With Chronic Illness

What I Didn’t Expect as a New Wheelchair User at the Women’s March

14 Ways to Become an Advocate for Your Medical Condition

Being Disabled Is a Job

Dear LA Times: Dodgers’ Franklin Gutierrez’s Condition Isn’t Rare

This AS Life

Reclaiming Our Bodies; Sex and Ankylosing Spondylitis

Seize the Day

A day with Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds


Chronic Doesn’t Go Away

My Struggle With Three Simple Words

Pedal Love

Gestalt: my bike does not see the trees – but the forest, yes (a poem)

Put a Helmet On It!

A tribute to two bicycles and their owners

Thoughts on freedom, control, loving myself, and sharing the ride

Sharing Stories = Letting Your Light Shine

A Declaration of Love

I Am NOT My Disease

The 10 Things I Learned At the California By Bike Summit 2013

What My Bike Means To Me

Episcopal Digital Network



Sustainable Student Leadership Award Essay

Travel Blog

Travel blog from studying abroad in South Africa


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