“An Invisible Disease” – my TEDx talk

In September, I had the honor and privilege of giving a TEDx talk just two weeks after my father died from Ankylosing Spondylitis, a disease I inherited from him. I am so grateful for having this platform to share via the Sacramento TEDx Changemakers series.

I hope you’ll watch and share this video to raise awareness about living with chronic illness, but I also hope you’ll take something away for your own journey.

Click here to watch the 8-minute video:

An Invisible Disease : Charis Hill : Sacramento TEDx Salon

7 thoughts on ““An Invisible Disease” – my TEDx talk”

  1. Charis,

    Thank you for that inspiring talk. Being recently diagnosed myself you hit perfectly how things are. No one really understands what it’s like. You say it in a way that raises awareness that could not be said better. I’m not nearly as bad as I could be and hearing someone like You is an inspiration and motivating.


    1. You’re welcome! I’m sorry to know of your diagnosis, but I’m really glad you’re finding support from others who speak the same language of pain. Keep me updated on your journey, please!


  2. A great talk. I still feel that nobody understands us AS sufferers but tgen it’s the same for other people with diseases. If only someone invented a machine that could pass on our pain to someone for 30secs for any disease to see how that person actually feels 😕. Enjoy your Xmas 🎅


    1. I am so on the same page! I keep dreaming of a similar tool for social security disability “deciders” to be able to push a button and feel our pain coursing through their bodies while they read our paperwork.

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