I’ve Seen Life

I’ve seen it all

I’ve seen fog creeping in overhead beneath a lunar eclipse

Dust capsules floating, heat rising from mother earth

Force fields, solar eclipse, half-moon

Christmas trees, O Christmas tree

Bargains and bargain stores

Rags and riches

Rich and sweet, poor and angry

Black presidents, white presidents, man presidents, woman presidents

Cats in love, flights of doves

Waste become art, art become waste

Pain and sorrow, national tragedy, natural disaster

Home lost and home found

Family apart and family within

Nature calling, people in love, success

Camaraderie, teamwork, championships

Music played and listened to

Babies born

People married

Friends dead

I’ve seen it made, bought, consumed, lost, stolen, reinvented, recycled, wasted, given, upcycled, renewed

Ways of seeing, believing, feeling.

Triangles, circles, downward lateral, levels, journeys

Backs and forths of faith

Of one with the world and beyond

Cells dividing, additions and subtractions

Death and disease

Fluid movement


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