A white person with shoulder length blonde hair in the shadows in a black and white photo. Their lips are taped in an "x" and one finger is held on top of the taped "x"

White Rights Are Wrong

CN: racism, violence, police, white supremacy, murder

A 400+ year campaign slogan “We’re white and right!”?

Is wrong,

Whites and rights don’t get along.

They’d rather be white than right
White flight takes a wrong turn
When supremacists end up taking
Spinning shots
Shooting shot guns

Knees on necks

(“Don’t tread on me”)

Waving flags that took rights

Waving flags that took lives

Protecting monuments of fear

Monumental injustice

Those whites would rather be white
Than right

The irony of whites’ would-be rights
And wrongs
And wrong-left-turn attempts

“But freedom of speech!” becomes silence

…when Black Lives Matter

Riots in the streets

Begun by men in invisible white sheets

Supremacists who want pandemic haircuts

And 52% of white women

Are quiet about first amendment rights

When it’s about black rights.


…Quiet about the bricks they supplied

The actors they supplied

The hawaiian shirts they supplied

The agitators they supplied

Their privilege they can’t hide behind

We’re peacefully marching in the streets

Staring in the faces of white riot police

National Guard

Armored Trucks

Undercover actors

Amy Coopers

We lose our lives, our eyes, our privacy.

We bleed

We disappear

We hide

We come out

Stingrays hear us

Birds watch us

Medics catch us

Curfews threaten us

When “I can’t breathe” becomes our creed

White privilege throws bricks through our own windows

Calls the pigs in to zip tie us

To teargas us

To shoot us

To flash bang us

To destroy us

Because of bad actors we strongly condemn

Because of our kneeling we peacefully can’t end

Because of our die-ins and sit-ins and stand-ins and marchings

Because of PR kneelings by mayors and churches and pigs in riot gear

Who tear gas us in and out the other ear

Police are hypocrites

Their tears of gas just ignite the fire

Because of their own fear

To be right would mean
Restorative justice


Acknowledging privilege
Staying quiet

Convicting killer cops for their racism

Not legalizing their lethal convictions

They’d rather be white

Than admit being wrong

They’d rather be supremacist white
Than right

But “Not all whites”?

But “All Lives Matter”?

The irony doesn’t escape me
When so many whites are alt right
Pretending their right is to be white
While rights are forever white lies

“Make whites great again”

And “all lives matter” – racism in disguise

When just one house is always on fire

And it’s never theirs

And they watch it burn

Roasting rubber marshmallows

In the flames

Who’s gonna stop the fire

When the BLM fire fighters are forced to the streets

To march for the right to breathe

The right to live

The right to protection

The right to stay six feet apart

Safe at home

Safe at work

Safe driving

Safe thriving

Not six feet down

The cops take our masks away

During a pandemic

They detain us without fresh air

In small rooms

And tell us to breathe

We can’t be six feet apart, detained

They want us all:




Black people…

Six feet under

Where they put George

Where they put Stephon

Where they put Tony

Where they put Breonna

Where they put Sandra

Where they put ….

“Am I next?”

No Justice

No Peace

They breathe the virus down our necks

Which virus? Both.

  1. COVID-19 and
  2. Fascist heritage that was never

Their right

…their right they wrote into the law themselves

…their right that makes their capital grow

…their right that brought us to ACAB

They wrote the history books

White supremacists

Dictator Chump

Holding the Bible

Upholding white laws

Translated by white thugs

We’re holding our

Hands Up

Don’t Shoot


Spinning shots
Shooting shot guns

Kneeling on necks

(“Don’t tread on me”)

Waving flags that took rights

They committed wrongs with their rights!

Right is wrong

Lefts are right but often white

Whites are wrong (but “not all whites”?)

F*ck that

White rights are wrong

Those murderous cops – taking rights by being white

Rather than being truly right

All the wrongs don’t make white right

White wrongs are racism

We’re kneeling in the streets

8 minutesĀ 

46 seconds





George Floyd can hear us breathe for him






George Floyd can hear us fight for him



Because “Daddy changed the world”


I’m a white-passing trans disabled ally and this poem is not intended to speak for black people or overshadow black voices; I only hope to call out white supremacy as an ally. Please donate to local bail funds, center black lives in this movement, learn about your privilege (if you’re not black), educate your communities, support black-owned businesses, advocate for anti-racist legislation; and leave links below with educational, mutual aid, and activist materials for allies to learn/join.

See you in the streets.